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Brainmagic Products for Automotive / Manufacturing Industry

Mobile Catalogue and E-Catalogue Solutions

Develop Digital catalogues of your products and services online. Let your customers,sales force,dealers, retailers,distributors and customers access your latest,up-to-date catalogue;anytime and anyplace.

Mobile Ordering system

Our mobile ordering system will enable your customers and dealers to place order online.The fully integrated system tracks your order through billing and delivery,saving you time and effort and ensuring that the customer gets prompt, immediate service.

Loyalty / Coupon Management System

Our Coupon Management System is an integrated solution for efficient management of Coupons and Loyalty programs. From generating Coupon Codes to managing retailers and mechanics' incentive schemes, the system handles it all. All it takes ia s smartphone to scan the coupon code and the mobile app takes care of the rest.

Warranty & Service Management System (Mobile & Web App)

Our Warranty & Service Management System for mobile and web applications provides an integrated customer complaints management platform that will integrate the whole process, from job card creation, to service engineer allocation to customer feedback.Let your customer experience the convenience and peace of mind of working with a truly professional organisation where customer is always the king.

Sales Force Management System

Empower your sales force by providing all necessary financial and product information they need at their fingertips;like outstanding dealer payments, collection status and details (Cash, Cheque, DD, PDC),Sales Order tracking, product catalogues, daily visits report generation,sales staff attendance & real time tracking on the field.

IOT Monitoring Solutions & Sensors

Window & Door sensors: These sensors detect when a door/window/cabinet is opened and closed.It measures how long it has been opened/closed and updates the system about the change in real-time. PIR/Motion sensor : These sensors can detect human presence in any room/area and notify instantly of any intrusion.
Smoke Sensor : Detects smoke and prevents fire accidents.
Water Leakage Sensor: Detects water leakage and saves valuable water.
Temperature Sensors: keep track of temperature change in any room.

After sales platform

It is an integrated platform which helps to improve the overall sales efficiency and also helps to improve the operational effectiveness of various sales processes, and after market processes which includes Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers.

DSS (Digital Service Platform)

  • It is a Digitalization platform for effectively storing & retrieving documents which are in text format & image formats,
  • Solutions built in for service personnel, safety personnel
  • Knowledge management system for all departments which helps to improve sales and the reduce the cost of various operations, supporting text, audio & video formats.

Brainmagic solutions

Web Applications & Platform

Brainmagic has rich experience in developing Web Applications, Ecommerce Platform, Websites, Custom Applications & Platforms.

Mobile solutions

Brainmagic has flagship mobile products suited for various industries, and has rich experience in developing Custom Mobile Applications for various Stand One and Online Applications.


  • UI/UX development - Brainmagic has rich experience in UI/UX development.
  • Cloud Hosting - Applications developed by Brainmagic is hosted in Cloud Server with latest in server technologies.


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